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    Meet Charlie, a cute and chubby English Bulldog puppy! This wrinkly pup is up to date on shots and wormer, can be registered with the AKC and comes with a health guarantee provided by the breeder. Charlie is family raised with children and would make the sweetest addition to anyone’s family. To find out more about this delightful pup, please contact Earl today! English Bulldog puppy for sale

    What You Need to Know About English Bulldogs

    English Bulldogs are very distinct from the other breeds of bulldogs and are the more prevalent breed. These sturdy, muscular dogs have a cute waddle walk that directly results from their short, stubby legs. The English bulldog also has a flat-looking face, dark and low set eyes, massive and broad jaws, and fleshy cheeks and lips that give it that signature pouty and droopy look. Its short neck, thick shoulders, and barrelled chest, slightly arched back make it one breed that you can easily identify anywhere.

    Our standard Male English bulldogs are 14-15 inches and weigh an average of 50 pounds, while the Female English bulldogs weigh about 40 pounds. All our English bulldogs have the finest textured coats and healthiest skin with a variety of colour patterns.

    Whether you pick a male English bulldog or female English bulldog from us, you can be assured of their wonderful demeanor and gentle disposition. The AKC recognizes over 195 dog breeds and rated the Bulldog as #2 for the best family dog breed. They are incredible family dogs but not the best watch dogs these days. The last nine decades of domestication has turned them into couch potatoes, considerably different from their original genetic breeding that made them perfect for Bull Baiting. Nevertheless they are fantastic at lying on the couch and giving you the stink eye when you disturb their rest.

    One of the best things about 4 month bulldog English bulldogs is that they are low endurance, easy to train, and don’t require a yard space. You don’t have to expend energy regularly exercising or training them.

    English Bulldog puppy for sale


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