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    AKC registered English bulldogs

    Both Mum and Dad of King are our family dogs with the most loving nature and thanks to them every pup has fantastic structure! No history of breathing issues with the parents. Pups have been brought up in our family home and so they are used to being around babies, young children, cats and noise. The are AKC registered English bulldogs We have absolutely loved raising these puppies and so for that reason we are looking for only the best home for them.

    Puppies are now enjoying solid food and are doing brilliantly they will be wormed with panacur at every stage necessary and frontline sprayed to keep the flea free , puppies with be microchipped fully health tested and 1st injection will be done prior to collection of puppy . Socialization is a very important step in early stages of a puppies life and we will do our best to ensure they interact with all members of family and are used to noises of the family home and environment . Buy AKC registered English bulldogs here.

    The English Bulldog is good for apartment life. They are very inactive indoors and will do okay without a yard. This breed is an indoor dog. Bulldogs do best in temperate climates as the breed can chill easily. AKC registered English bulldogs

    What Does the English Bulldog Look like?

    Just like with personality, the Bulldog of today also looks quite different from his bull-baiting ancestor.

    The Bulldog of old was larger and leaner, with a face that resembled the modern-day boxer rather than the modern-day Bulldog.

    • Today’s Bully has that famous pushed-in face and a prominent underbite.
    • He stands up to 15 inches tall and weighs up to 50 pounds.
    • He is bow-legged with a wide head, with either a straight or curly tail and a large jaw.
    • His forehead is wrinkled, and he has long, hanging jowls that give him somewhat of a permanent melancholy expression.

    Unfortunately, the negligent breeding practices that led to the Bulldog’s squished face also led to an unusually large head size. As a result, Bulldog pups are almost always born via Cesarean Section.


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